What You Need to Know When Choosing Warehouse Racking

Maximizing storage space is critical when you need to grow your operations but aren’t ready to expand your warehouse. Without the space to support growth, you may find your current infrastructure cannot accommodate increased inventory or larger orders. Investing in warehouse racking systems to optimize existing floor space can help alleviate these challenges. Learn more about your options and how RMH Systems can help you [...]

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4 Reasons to Use Vertical Lift Modules

photo courtesy of KardexRemstar (https://www.kardex-remstar.com/) With the wave of automation taking over the manufacturing industry, it’s about time racking and storage became automated too. Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are automated warehouse racking systems that can provide a host of benefits to any company. Here are the top four benefits vertical lift modules can offer: Eliminate Wasted Floor Space By using VLM's you are taking [...]

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Creating a wall from pallet rack

Pallet Rack Supported Demising Wall Our customer had a large warehouse area utilized as a workout area and basketball court. As business grew, they needed more space for product storage, and this space was the perfect spot to expand. They wanted to keep the basketball court, but needed a way to separate the two areas. How do you do that economically? [...]

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Is Your Warehouse Racking Right for You?

Choosing the right material handling equipment for your operation is no easy task. And if you are looking to improve your operational efficiency through your storage abilities your need to take into account a lot of variables including your industry, product and methodologies. Questions to Ask When Creating Optimal Flow Below are some questions to ask yourself when trying to create optimal flow for your [...]

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