How to Make Your Modular Office More Comfortable

Modular offices are becoming more popular in today's warehouses. They give your team private space away from the busy warehouse floor to either focus on paperwork, interact with their fellow workers, or take a break before they head back out on the floor. Modular offices are the perfect way to create an office space without having to invest in construction or design costs. There are [...]

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Why Modulars Offices Should be Part of Your 2016 Goals

What goals are you putting in place for your Chicago warehouse in 2016? We have a suggestion of something that you may want to add to your list: installing modular offices. Modular offices are a terrific way to quickly build in private working space, a clean room, or even a break room for your team in as little as a weekend. There are lots of [...]

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Get Accessories For Your Integra Modular Offices in Chicago

Once you’ve decided to purchase modular offices from RMH Systems for your Chicago warehouse, you’ll want to decide what accessories you want to finish out the design. If you are using the Integra 400 series of modular offices, you can shop for the accessories in our online catalog. You’ll be able to find accessories such as: Fixed and sliding windows. Windows are a great way [...]

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One Great Modular Office, Many Great Uses

Many of our clients use the modular offices that we install as an office space for their management and administrative teams. Others use them for a breakroom. Still others use our Chicago modular offices as an inspection site for products. One company that we worked with, though, decided to use the modular office structure we installed in their warehouse for all three. Here is how [...]

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The Benefits of Having a Quiet Modular Office on a Busy Warehouse Floor

Some warehouse managers in Chicago don’t think they need to invest in modular offices for their warehouse. They may think they simply roping off a separate area or tucking a desk into a corner is good enough. While that may be the most affordable solution, it’s certainly not the best one for your team. Here are some of the benefits of giving your crew a [...]

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3 ways to Use Our Chicago Modular Offices to Build a Stronger Team

There are so many great uses for our Chicago modular offices in your warehouse! We’ve installed these modular offices for many businesses , and one thing we see over and over is how this small addition to the workplace can make a huge difference in employee morale when it’s used properly. Here are three ways we’ve seen our Chicago modular offices used in ways that [...]

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Our Chicago Modular Offices Make It Easy to Set Up Your Clean Room

When you need to set up a clean room, you need to do it right. A clean room is vital to many testing and production applications, and you'll need a space that is functional, well-built, and safe for everything you need to be doing inside. If you are working on setting up a clean room for your warehouse, production facility, or testing space, our Chicago [...]

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