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Case Studies

Custom Lift Helps Major Construction Firm Stay on Schedule

A major US construction firm. What was the objective of the project? List any challenges that needed to be overcome: Our customer needed a custom lift that could lift and place 400+ very large custom aluminum hand rails into their proper location on multiple floors quickly and safely in the new StratCom HQ at the […]

Continuous Lift Machine Helps Maximize Efficiency

We recently worked with Tri-Fab to help a customer transport their products into their distribution center in the most efficient way possible. We helped develop a way of moving their finished, boxed products from manufacturing by vertically conveying them up, then discharging them onto a conveyor which takes them across the street via an elevated tunnel […]

The Advantages of Intelligent Lifting Devices

Need to create a more efficient and safer work environment on the front line? This study provides a look into the productivity and performance of staff with Gorbel intelligent lift devices as compared to manual or other equipment options.

Reducing Labor Costs & Providing Safe Solutions

Canadian Powder Coating Company A powder coating company that primarily focuses on the agricultural industry and also powder coats materials used in the oil field, medical and automotive industries.  Grain bin foundations were loaded onto a powder coating line. This was accomplished using two men who were required to lift the bin foundations onto the line with a […]

Improving End-of-Line Packaging

Improving end of the line packaging is a constant battle that companies are always looking to improve. The BEL-505 is a semi-automatic case former designed to help customers solve this problem.  The BEL-505 forms the bottom layer of a case allowing the operator to pack the case with both hands. This machine is a very good option […]

Material handling solutions that improve floor space, productivity, and safety

We sat down with Jack Boatman, sales manager of M3 Fabrication. When Jack and M3 Fab needed to create floor space, organize their work space, and make their operation safer and more efficient, they knew who to trust. [...]

5 Reasons why the Leibinger Jet 3Pro is Essential to Manufacturers

A well known Midwest dairy and juice producer.

Easy Arm Handles Dusty Environment Without Clogging

A manufacturer of paper products was using air balancers to change out roll cores in their plant. Multiple times each day, workers were required to remove the 50lb. cores from one roll and transfer them to another. Not only was the process difficult because of the weight and handling of the cores, but the constant […]

Forklift Truck Scale Raise Throughput by 30%

Cougle’s Recycling is a full-service recycling center for paper, corrugated paper, plastic, glass and non-ferrous metals. From its base in Hamburg, Pennsylvania (U.S.) it serves thousands of customers from small stores to complete communities. When Cougle’s identified that its weighing operation was slowing down production efficiency and affecting data accuracy, it was quick to consider […]

Solving Ergonomic and Productivity Issues

This case study details a seed company located in Iowa that develops, produces and sells high-yielding seeds.